January 05, 2015

Great Moment For Slovakian Junior Goalie Denis Godla

One of the great stories out of the 2015 World Junior Championships has to be Slovakian goaltender Denis Godla.

Godla was stand-on-his-head brilliant for much of the tournament, never more-so than in the semi-final showdown with Canada. Yes, Canada won 5-1 but the score could have easily reached double digits for Canada if not for the spectacular theatrics of Godla.

At the end of the game Toronto fans showed their appreciation for the great goaltending performance. When it was announced that forward Pavel Skalicky was named as Slovakia's player of the game (no disrespect to Skalicky, but that's just bizarre. Interestingly the team itself picks the star.) Toronto fans, who were not certain of the netminder's name, started chanting "Goalie! Goalie! Goalie!" When Godla acknowledged the crowd by raising his glove, the fans gave him a rousing ovation!

Stealing the show - during and after the game. Great stuff.

The undrafted goalie prospect ensured he will be drafted soon with his play at the WJC. It would be fitting if the Leafs draft him.

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Paul said...

Great moment for Goday. What could have capped it off to make it a super-great moment would have been the Slovakian player who got the award, present it to his goalie.