December 14, 2014

New Valeri Kharlamov Biography Released In Russia

This month in Russia author Maxim Makerychev released his new biography of Valeri Kharlamov, arguably the greatest Russian hockey player of all time.

Here's more from Russia Beyond The Headlines:

Half Spanish, half Russian, Valeri Kharlamov, who played for CSKA Moscow in the Soviet League from 1967 until 1981, was one of the most brilliant hockey players of his era, despite his diminutive stature. Part of the utterly dominant Soviet “invincibles” of the 1970s, the speedy Kharlamov’s finest hour was his stunning performances in the Super Series of 1972, the first competitive matches between Canada and the Soviet Union. Now fresh details are emerging of the life and untimely death of the late Soviet hockey star in a new biography, titled simply Valeri Kharlamov.

Written by Maxim Makarychev, the book tells the story of the short but glorious life of the USSR’s number 17 and his difficult path to the pinnacle of world hockey. A significant part of the book is devoted to the memories of the people who knew Kharlamov closely.

Here's the full story.

No word on when or if this book will be released in English any time soon. Makarychev, a Russian journalist, previous wrote a biography of Kharlamov's teammate, Alexander Maltsev.

The cover of the new book is, I believe, featured in the photo above.

What follows in the rest of this blog entry should not be confused with this new book. But it reminds me of a 1988 book release about Kharlamov. I believe it translates into The Three Gears of Valeri Kharlamov. This 160 page book is rich in photos, as you can see below:

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