December 06, 2014

Hockey Canada Celebrates 100th Anniversary This Weekend

From Dennis Gibbons of

The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association came to life on Dec. 4, 1914 at a meeting called by the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada for the purposed of organizing a governing body for hockey.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary, Hockey Canada held a ceremonial meeting Dec. 4 in the very same French Corridor room of Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier Hotel. A gala followed in the evening at the gigantic Ottawa Convention Centre.

Here is the full story. Also be sure to visit their excellent and interactive Century of Team Canada jerseys website.

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zerry ht said...

Good to hear about this amazing anniversary event. I recently attended one such event at one of San Francisco venues. Everything was just awesome there. Loved food and dancing arrangements. Different cuisines were served and really had a great time there.