December 08, 2014

89 Years Young: Ted Lindsay

With all the bad health news concerning older NHL heroes, it seems 89 year old Ted Lindsay has the secret to vibrant aging. Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star tells us more:

Ted Lindsay still partakes in the training regimen of an athlete preparing for a season-long slog. Three days a week Lindsay hits the weights, sweating through sessions that last as long as three hours apiece. Seven days a week he starts his morning with about an hour’s worth of stretching at his Detroit-area home.

This is a man residing in a body that’s been battered by an 14-year playing career’s worth of cross-checks and spears and punches, all of which Lindsay, who retired as the league’s penalty-minutes leader, returned with a devilish pleasure.

It’s no stretch to say there aren’t many Hockey Hall of Famers, let alone Hall of Famers whose faces were kept in one piece by an estimated 700 stitches, who are holding it together so impressively.

“I believe the body is a machine, a muscle from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, and if you take care of it, it’ll serve you very well,” Lindsay was saying over the phone the other day. “So far, my philosophy’s been working out pretty good.”

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