November 13, 2014

HHOF 2014: Mike Modano

"Mike Modano wasn't just a player. He was a spectacle."

I love that quote. It was written by Kevin Allen of the USA Today.

Long time coach Ron Wilson had another great quote when he dared to compare Modano with the likes of Bobby Hull and Guy Lafleur.

"Their jerseys just seemed to flutter in the breeze. It just looked like they should have been wearing a cape. And the way Mike played, he should have been wearing a cape out there."

Those are some pretty spectacular descriptions of a pretty spectacular player.

Here's a look at some of the internet's best coverage of Mike Modano as he is set to be inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame this weekend.

Mike Modano: American Idol - Toronto Sun
Modano: Hall of Fame Player, Person - ESPN
Modano Grew Texas Hockey -

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