November 19, 2014

Gordie Howe: Natural Athlete

Dennis Hull lined up against Gordie Howe many times during his career. He knew too well just how good of a hockey player Howe was.

But Hull tells us Gordie was a natural athlete no matter what the sport.

"One day in the summer we were playing golf in Halifax. We were the first ones out, just after dawn, nice course, no practice balls, just get up and hit it. He shoots 58. And former Major League manager Lou Boudreau told me in Chicago he watched Gordie hit baseballs in Tiger Stadium and tried to sign him to a contract with the (Cleveland) Indians.

"So I said: Gordie, you're the greatest player of all time, you just shot 68 and you could have played Major League Baseball. It doesn't seem fair.

"He replied, 'You should see me bowl.'"

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