October 01, 2014

George Redding

This is George Redding. At 5'7" and 145lbs it really is little wonder why he was universally known as "Shorty."

He was also known as a speedy and versatile player. Reports had him play both left wing and also on defense, and for 11 minutes he even played in net.

The game was December 22nd, 1924. Babe Dye and the Toronto St. Patricks were pasting the Boston Bruins, having already put 9 goals on the board. With 11 minutes left to play penalties to Bruins goalie Hec Fowler forced Redding into the crease. Amazingly Redding surrendered only one goal - Dye's 5th of the game.

That was fairly early on in Redding's rookie season with the Bruins. It was a season that almost never happened. The Bruins signed both Redding and Carson Cooper out of Hamilton Tigers of the OHA senior circuit. Cooper went on to an impressive NHL career. Redding would play a total of 35 NHL games over the next two seasons, but he originally balked at turning pro. He tried going back to Hamilton but the senior league determined he was ineligible due to his signing of the contract.

Redding would continue to play pro hockey through to his retirement in 1932. He initially tried his hand as a coach though what he did until his death in 1974 remains a mystery to me.

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Lynn said...

He owned and operated a wholesale sporting goods company in Stoney Creek, Ontario, called George Redding Ltd.