October 10, 2014

Simply Irresistible: Looking At Hockey's Two Robert Palmers

This is Robert Palmer, notable musician for his hit songs like Simply Irresistible and Addicted To Love:

The National Hockey League had two players by the name of Robert Palmer. I doubt either could dance like the girls in the video above. But hey, we're not afraid to resort to bad segues here at this website. And it's a catchy song.

The first Robert Palmer was an American center known better as Rob Palmer. He was a childhood teammate of Gordie Howe's sons Mark and Marty and as a result he got a lot of good exposure playing youth hockey out of Detroit in the late 1960s. The University of Denver, who may have had the strongest NCAA hockey program at the time, brought him aboard for 3 seasons beginning in 1970. The Chicago Blackhawks drafted him 93rd overall in 1972. Once he turned pro he played for three seasons, sprinkling in 16 NHL games, all with Chicago, and picking up 3 assists.

The second Robert Palmer was a defenseman from the Toronto suburbs. He too went the American college route, earning rave reviews for his play on the ice and a 3.91 GPA and a degree in business administration. He decided to give his hockey dream a full shot once he graduated, and ended up playing 320 games mostly with the LA Kings, but also the New Jersey Devils. Palmer was strong at moving the puck and finished his career with totals of 9 goals and 101 assists.

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