October 01, 2014

Hockey Book Review: Boy On Ice: The Life And Death Of Derek Boogaard

Boy On Ice: The Life And Death Of Derek Boogaard
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Joe's Take - This is just a fantastic read. John Branch brilliantly tells the story of a shy, unsure prairie boy who doubles as the National Hockey League's scariest monster. While everyone loves "The Boogeyman" he struggles trying to balance everyone's expectations and his own simple wants in life.

Boogaard desperately trying to salvage what he can from the great Canadian hockey dream, while fighting the many monsters he endures while he tries to be what everyone wants from him - the NHL's toughest fighter. Unfortunately the monsters he faces are not so much the puck punchers on other teams, but the disturbing physical and mental toll he pays for doing it. It leads to a painkiller addiction that claims his life way too soon.

It's heartbreaking tale that really will make you think twice about those NHL tough guys we cheer as if they are just superheroes and super-villains. Behind "The Boogeyman" is a simple boy trapped in a monster's body. He is a boy with a dream, but he pays the ultimate price. I can not recommend this gripping book enough.

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