September 09, 2014

Two North American International Hockey Stars Pass Away

Hockey news is really returning to the mainstream this week as training camps get set to open up across the National Hockey League this weekend.

Sadly, one of the most under-reported stories has two international hockey legends - one from Canada and one from the United States, passing away.

Seth Martin, the beloved Trail Smoke Eaters goalie who had European audiences in love with him not so unlike Canadian audiences came to respect Vladislav Tretiak, passed away on Saturday. The 81 year old had been battling a rare form of cancer for the past four years. Martin was a mainstay with the Canadian national hockey program in the 1960s, and later spent a season backing up in Glenn Hall in St. Louis.

Bob Suter of the 1980 Miracle On Ice team passed away this afternoon. The 57 year old Minnesota Wild scout suffered a severe heart attack. In addition to his Olympic gold medal status he is remembered as Gary Suter's older brother and Ryan Suter's dad, both notable NHL stars. Bob Suter never did play in the NHL.

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