September 02, 2014

Howie Morenz Funeral

Recently reacquired by the Montreal Canadiens and reunited with old teammates Aurel Joliat and Johnny Gagnon, the great Howie Morenz finds new life in his 34 year old legs. But his return to greatness is halted on January 28th, 1937 when he suffers four broke bones in his left leg and ankle. Chicago's star defender Earl Seibert slammed him into the boards, albeit cleanly. Morenz suffers a nervous breakdown while in Montreal hospital and dies on March 8th of pulmonary embolism, though legend always had it he died of a broken heart when told he would never play hockey again. Thousands of fans file past Morenz's body which laid in state at center ice of the Montreal Forum. Up to 200,000 people lined the streets of Montreal to watch the funeral procession.

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