September 14, 2014

1984 Canada Cup

Bitter Rivals Unite To
Conquer Hockey World

The 1984 Canada Cup was different on two fronts right from the beginning. Finland, who had won only 1 game in Canada Cup history to that point, was dropped from the tournament in favor of West Germany. The German squad would go 0-4-1 but finished ahead of a disappointing Czech squad because of the goals for statistic. Also, the 1984 tournament was played primarily on Canada's west coast, specifically focused in Edmonton and Calgary - a sign of the the new hockey powers out west as Montreal hosted only 3 games and Toronto hosted none.

The tournament also marked the first Canada Cup for the Soviets without their saving grace Vladislav Tretiak. Despite serious concerns about new goalies Alexander Tyzhnykh and Vladimir Myshkin, the Soviets cruised to a first place finish in the round robin.

With the humiliating defeat of 1981, Canada faced much pressure to dominate this tournament. However Canada stumbled to an embarrassing 4th place finish in the round robin. A surprising American squad placed second and Sweden finished third.

With the Soviets playing so strongly and the Canadians playing so poorly, it seemed impossible for the Canadians to beat the mighty Red Army. However that was the playoff round match up with the winner to advance to the Cup final. Despite their poor performance, Canada had no trouble getting up to play the Soviets. They managed to keep it close and forced over time. Mike Bossy deflected a Paul Coffey point shot in the extra period. Canada had done the improbable.

The Swedes embarrassed the Americans 9-2 to set up the first ever Canada-Sweden Cup finals. Canada took the best of three final 2 games to none thanks to the play of tournament MVP John Tonelli and the Oiler combination of Paul Coffey and Wayne Gretzky.

Results & Statistics

Round Robin Tournament
Sept 1 USA 7 Sweden 1 (Halifax)
          Canada 7 W. Germany 2 (Montreal)
Sept 2 USSR 3 CSSR 0 (Montreal)
Sept 3 Canada 4 USA 4 (Montreal)
Sept 4 USSR 3 Sweden 2 (Calgary)
           CSSR 4 W. Germany 4 (London)
Sept 6 Sweden 4 Canada 2 (Vancouver)
           USSR 8 W. Germany 1 (Edmonton)
           USA 3 CSSR 2 (Buffalo)
Sept 8 Canada 7 CSSR 2 (Calgary)
           USSR 2 USA 1 (Edmonton)
           Sweden 4 W. Germany 2 (Calgary)
Sept 10 USSR 6 Canada 3 (Edmonton)
            Sweden 4 CSSR 3 (Vancouver)
            USA 6 W. Germany 4 (Calgary)

Semi Finals
Sept 12 Sweden 9 USA 2 (Edmonton)
Sept 13 Canada 3 USSR 2 (OT) (Calgary)

Sept 16 Calgary Canada 5 Sweden 2
Sept 18 Edmonton Canada 6 Sweden 5

Scoring Leaders
Goalie Leaders
All Star Teams
G - Vladimir Myskin, USSR
D - Paul Coffey, Can
D - Rod Langway, USA
F - Wayne Gretzky, CAN
F - Sergei Makarov, USSR
F - John Tonelli, CAN
Tournament MVP
John Tonelli - Canada

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