July 17, 2014

1928-29: The Year Of The Shutout

The Three Stars:

The Year Of The Shutout - NHL goalies produce a record 120 shutouts in just 220 regular season games. The average goals per game in the NHL this season is a record low 2.9. Leading the way is Vezina Trophy winner George Hainsworth of the Montreal Canadiens, whose 22 shutouts (in 44 games!) and 0.92 GAA still stand as league records. Seven other goalies, including Hart Trophy winner Shrimp Worters of the New York Americans hit double digits in shutouts.

Black Hawk Drought - Believe it or not, the Chicago Black Hawks went eight straight games without scoring a goal. Vic Ripley (hence the earlier pun) finally scores three minutes into the third period of a 2-1 win March 2nd over the Montreal Maroons, ending a NHL record scoreless streak of 601:41. That scoreless drought spanned 28 days! Chicago was shutout a total of 20 times this season and only scored 33 goals in the entire 44 game season, setting a record of 0.75 goals per game. Chicago's goalie Charlie Gardiner posts a 1.93 GAA yet his record is just 7-29-8!

Bruins Win First Stanley Cup - Backstopped by the fantastic rookie goalie Tiny Thompson and the dynamic defensive duo of Eddie Shore and Lionel Hitchman, Boston goes undefeated in playoff competition and wins their first Stanley Cup.

Season Highlights:
  • Hal Winkler had his named inscribed on the Stanley Cup even though he did not play this season. He had retired and was replaced by Tiny Thompson. Winkler and Detroit's Vladimir Konstantinov (1998) are the only two players to have their names inscribed on the Stanley Cup without having played that season.
  • Interestingly, George Hainsworth's record this year - 22-7-15. No, not all 22 wins were shutouts. He played in several 0-0 ties.
  • Toronto's Ace Bailey led the NHL in scoring with 22 goals and 32 points. He regularly played on a forward line with Andy Blair and Dan Cox, but also took turns on defense with Hap Day.

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