July 10, 2014

1920-21: Ottawa Rules Land of Hockey

The Ottawa Valley has always been a rich source of hockey talent. The area supplied much for hockey's earliest dynasty in the 1890s. A similar story was being written as the National Hockey League entered the 1920s.

Ottawa's enviable line-up included  Cy Denneny, who narrowly missed out on the NHL scoring title with 34 goals in 24 games (one fewer than Toronto's Babe Dye), Frank NighborJack Darragh, Buck Boucher, Punch Broadbent, Clint Benedict, Sprague Cleghorn and Eddie Gerard. It is little wonder why the NHL Senators were able to win 3 of the 4 Stanley Cup championships from 1920 through 1924.

Denneny and Broadbent were a fantastic force offensively as well as physically. They were affectionately dubbed "The Gold Dust Twins." They led the defending Stanley Cup champs past Toronto for the right to defend their title against the Vancouver Millionaires of the PCHA. "Mr. Clutch" Jack Darragh would lead Ottawa to a tightly contested series 3 games to 2.

The 1920-21 NHL season saw lots of goal scoring feats. Newsy Lalonde scored 33 times, and added 10 assists for a NHL best 43 points. Brothers Cy Denneny and Corb Denneny of Toronto both had 6 goal games. And Toronto defenseman Harry Cameron - known for his curved shot even with the old straight bladed stick - scored an amazing 18 goals as a defenseman.

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