June 22, 2014

Guy Trottier Passes Away

Former NHL/WHA player Guy Trottier has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 73.

Trottier, dubbed "The Mouse" because of his tiny 5'8" 170lb frame, played 115 games in the NHL in the early 1970s. He played mostly with the Toronto Maple Leafs and briefly with the New York Rangers. He scored 28 goals and 45 points before jumping to the WHA for three seasons.

Prior to his time in the big leagues Trottier spent a lot of time in the minor leagues, most notably in Dayton, Ohio with the IHL Gems. He retired in Dayton and lived there until his death. He worked for a freighting company there for 20 years.

Guy was not related to New York Islanders superstar Bryan Trottier.


Anonymous said...

I saw Guy Trottier play with the old Buffalo Bisons, the year before the Sabres were awarded an NHL team. He helped the Bisons win one more AHL championship before they gave way to the Sabres; he was a tremendous player and a fan favorite.

Unknown said...

I was 9 when I saw Guy Trottier and Gilles Villemure lead the Bisons to a Calder Cup in 1969-70. We got crew cuts to honor the champs. Guy was a terrific goal scorer and a huge reason Buffalo won the championship. This was the last major championship Buffalo won. I was so grateful to be able to see us finally win something. Guy was a big reason why...he was quick and deadly with his shot. A Buffalo legend.

Anonymous said...

Guy scored 55 goals in the 69-70 season the year the Buffalo Bisons won the AHL Championship Calder Cup. He had a great shot and had a sneaky "round" the net scoring move. RIP Guy, you were a memory for so many Bison hockey fans!!