June 08, 2014

Former NHL Tough Guy Nathan Perrott Has A New Career

Remember Nathan Perrott? The former NHL tough guy was the 44th overall draft pick of the New Jersey Devils in 1995. He never played for the Devils but he did find a lengthy career bouncing up and down between the minor leagues with stints with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars. In 89 career NHL games he scored 4 goals and 9 points and accumulated 251 penalty minutes.

He tried to extend his career by playing two seasons with Chekhov Vityaz of the Kontinental Hockey League in Russia, an experience which he described as "unusual."

After he left the ice he first tried his hands at a career as a professional boxer. After three fights (he lost his first 2 and won his last by knockout) he walked away from a career in the ring. It was actually Chekhov Vityaz's owner Alexander Povetkin, a former Olympic gold medallist in boxing, who got Perrott into the ring to begin with.

So what is he up to now?

The St. John's Telegram tells us "...now he’s part of a paramilitary team paid to defend the world’s second-largest nuclear power plant. He still wears a helmet to work, but he’s traded his shoulder pads and stick for a Kevlar vest and assault rifle." Futhermore, he has been trained in "... use of force, gun training, shooter situations, rapid troop deployment and advanced counterterrorism tactics."

Perrott, who is also a part time coach with the OHL junior team Owen Sound Attack, reminisces about his career in the NHL with the Telegram newspaper.

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