June 14, 2014

End Of An Era: Hockey Night In Canada As We Know It

The crowning of the Los Angeles Kings as Stanley Cup champions not only ended the NHL season, but it also marked the end of a long era of CBC's Hockey Night In Canada.

Rogers takes control of Hockey Night in Canada next season. Though it will remain on CBC for next season, changes are certain to be plentiful. Rogers is in full control in terms of presentation, storylines, on-air talent and even advertising revenue.

Hockey Night in Canada, the home of Saturday night hockey, has long set the bar for broadcasting excellence in hockey. TV broadcasts date back to 1952, though radio broadcasts go back even further to 1931.

The gang at CBC signed off their final broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada with their annual recap montage of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They set it to Queen's song "The Show Must Go On," and they allowed themselves, and deservedly so, to sneak in some quick hints of Hockey Night in Canada's lengthy history as well.

Here's the video:

It should be noted that in Hockey Night in Canada's long history there have been many changes. While Rogers' takeover promises to see a drastically different show, we should remember that change is not always a bad thing.

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