May 15, 2014

Milan Lucic: Disrespecting History

One of the things I love most about the Stanley Cup playoffs is the time-honoured tradition of the post-series handshake line. There is no actual rule that states this must happen. But history demands it. It is a right of passage for Stanley Cup warriors. You pay your respects to your opponent at the conclusion of each battle.

Milan Lucic disrespected history on Wednesday night when he uttered death threats to Dale Weise and other unpleasantries to Alexei Emelin.

Now I know they just ended a bitter and emotional battle where tensions overheated regularly. And this is one of the greatest rivalries ever. It is tough to turn off the passion that was just employed over the course of more than a week. I also am happily surprised we have never really seen chaos erupt during the handshake. It is not an easy thing for the losing side.

But to other death threats and be a bully at that moment in time is not only classless but dishonours the great game of hockey. Do you really think Sugar Jim Henry is threatening to kill Rocket Richard in this most famous photograph:

No. They pay respect to each other. The pay respect to the game. But if there is one thing we have learned about Milan Lucic in recent months is that he does not respect the game. Boston's bully resorts to groin spearing, death glares and verbal threats only to hide behind the honourable giant Zdeno Chara.

Don't get me wrong - Milan Lucic can be a hell of a player when he's not 'roid raging. But he also has lost a lot of respect in the hockey world. He is best advised to change his ways soon because the hockey gods are taking note.


Dennis Kane said...

He's not even a hell of player, Joe. He's a mediocre point-getter, he's not a great skater, he doesn't hang around the crease as much as he should, and his antics charge up the other team. Plus, he has off-ice issues. This is not a guy I would want on the Habs.

Unknown said...

your'e right. He would never stoop to the diving, penalty drawing antics of the habs of the last decade.