May 08, 2014

Larry Kwong's Nanaimo Clippers Jersey Goes To HHOF

This is a 1942-43 Nanaimo Clippers jersey. It is the much publicized newest piece of memorabilia acquired by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Why is there so much attention being given to this senior amateur jersey? Because it was worn by Larry "King" Kwong, the first NHL player of Chinese descent.

Kwong played ever so briefly for the New York Rangers in the 1947-48 season. Brief barely describes it accurately. He only played one shift. But by doing so he became the first minority to play in the NHL. It was not for another 7 years that a First Nations player (Fred Sasaskamoose) appeared, and 10 years before the first African-Canadian player (Willie O'Ree) played.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is thrilled to acquire the jersey.

“The Larry Kwong Nanaimo Clippers game worn jersey is a great addition to our Hometown Hockey display,” said Phil Pritchard, a vice president and curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame and the white-gloved gentleman who’s the keeper of the Stanley Cup. “Nanaimo has a rich hockey tradition and to have a (jersey) from ‘King Kwong’ adds to the great legacy of the game.”

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