May 31, 2014

Camping With The Carneys

I know you are dying to know what  17 year veteran Keith Carney is up to these days. The solid former defenseman best remembered for his days with the Chicago Blackhawks is living near Phoenix, Arizona coaching some youth hockey while also travelling to do some scouting work for the Hawks.

Compared to his past life it sounds pretty low key. But throw in a career-minded wife and a daughter and triplet 12 year old sons and life is as hectic as ever for the Carney family.

So hectic they've decided to change gears altogether.

The Carneys are going camping. But this is not just any normal camping trip. They're pulling the kids out of school and competitive sports teams, taking indefinite leaves from work and travelling across the United States for the next seven months.

17 years of NHL pay checks allow for the Carneys to have a pretty nice home away from home.

As someone who loves hiking up mountains with a tiny tent in my backpack, I judgementally suggest that that is not camping. Neither is staying at the KOA but the Carneys will be staying in as many KOA campgrounds as possible because they are sponsoring the vacation. I wish I knew how to get my vacation time sponsored!

You can follow the Carney's family adventure at Keith's wife's website, They apparently have the first couple of months all planned out and will go from there.

It appears they are sticking to the United States, but I'm sure at some point that would mean a trip to Alaska. That normally means driving through British Columbia or Alberta and into the Yukon. But I would advise the Carneys that any good former NHLer turned camper entering Canada should pay homage and stay just outside of Saskatoon at the Gordon Howe Campground.

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