April 03, 2014

Brad Isbister

When Brad Isbister was drafted (67th overall in 1995) there was high hopes he would become the next great power forward. After all he would fill out to be 6'4" and 225lbs. He was an enthusiastic forechecker with the straight-ahead speed to make an impact. Literally. He introduced more than a few defensemen to the glass.

Isbister would 541 games in the NHL with 6 different teams, most notably the New York Islanders. He was a 20 goal/40 point threat on Long Island, but he never did emerge as true power forward. He lacked the hand skills without the benefit of a few extra seconds. While protected the puck well he lacked the creativity to do much with it.

Isbister, who starred at the 1997 World Juniors for Team Canada, described his game as “I like to use my size and speed out on the ice to get in there and take the body on the other team’s defenseman. Hopefully, I’ll either create a turnover or take the puck to the net myself.”

Unfortunately Isbister lacked consistent offense, hence his multiple stops around the NHL.

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