March 29, 2014

Teemu Selanne: Edmonton Oilers Fan?

From Reddit user "rjromes13" here's a photo of a 12 year old Teemu Selanne:

This photo is apparently from Christmas 1982, which would have been Jari Kurri's 3rd NHL season. We are not sure if Selanne has any name at all on the back of that Oilers jersey, but it should come as no surprise that Teemu - like most Finnish kids back then - was a huge fan of Jari Kurri.

As Teemu's career comes to a close many are ready to anoint him as the greatest Finnish hockey player in hockey history. Let's not forget about Jari Kurri and all those Stanley Cups and his Hall of Fame career, though. Yes, a lot of people dismiss Kurri simply as Wayne Gretzky's sidekick, and that is unfair. Let's also not forget that Kurri was a complete player, excelling at the defensive side of the game as well.

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