March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day In Montreal

St. Patrick's Day was on Monday everywhere around the world, but Montrealers happily waited for an extra 24 hours for their own special version which includes the return of St. Patrick himself.

While it is a day late you have to give props to the NHL schedule makers for trying to get the Colorado Avalanche in Montreal to play the Canadiens as close as possible to St. Patty's Day.

Patrick Roy, seen above pretending to be Batman (take note, Eddie Lack), is quite arguably the greatest goaltender of all time. So far he has proven to be a very successful coach, too. And, as always, he is a hero of the highest regard in both Quebec and Colorado. 

As a goalie he imposed his style on the game, and legions of hockey fans and goalies everywhere were grateful. It is not just that his method was effective, that the revolutionary quick drop-n-slide of a pad could stone the wickedest snap shot. Roy's way was also fun, dramatic, cocky, marvelous, at times even beautiful. Far beyond the statistics, Patrick Roy entertained us and thrilled us while he emerged so dazzlingly as the best.

Here's the full Patrick Roy biography.

Tuesday night he returns to Montreal for the first time as a coach. I suspect he will get a hearty welcome from the Montreal faithful. Partly because he is a living legend, but also partly because we all know that one day, in unforeseeable and probably still distant future, Roy will return to Montreal one more time - this time as coach of the Habs.

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