March 09, 2014

Adam Henrique: All Hail Henry The 6th!

Is there a hotter player in the NHL these days than New Jersey's Adam Henrique?

The answer would be no. Henrique has scored goals in six consecutive games, totalling nine in that time frame. He also has two assists for 11 points.

Only one of those nine goals came on the power play, while two came while short-handed.

Amazingly Henrique has only take 20 shots in those six games, giving him a shooting percentage of an impressive 45%.

Six times in New Jersey Devils' history has a player scored goals in six consecutive games. Zach Parise, back in 2009, was the most recent to do so, scoring 7 goals.

But the franchise record pre-dates New Jersey. Back in 1980 the Devils were in Denver and were known as the Colorado Rockies. A nimble winger named Paul Gagne scored goals in eight consecutive games!

The NHL record for most consecutive games with a goal is 16 by Ottawa's Punch Broadbent way back in 1921-22. He scored 26 goals in that time frame! The modern day record belongs to LA's Charlie Simmer in 1979-80, who scored 17 goals over 13 games. Dave Lumley (1981-82) and Mario Lemieux (1992-93) both posted 12 game goal scoring streaks. Lumley scored 15 times and Mario 18 times!

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NicolasMohr57 said...

Thanx Joe for all the things you're doing for hockey nuts like me!All the facts and stats attached with a story or another tale, it's wonderful to read you.
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