February 14, 2014

Mike Eruzione Wants Miracle Sequel In Russia

The man who scored the greatest goal in the history of American hockey says an American gold medal victory in Russia would be the perfect sequel to the Miracle on Ice.

From Kevin Allen of USA Today

Mike Eruzione relives his 1980 Olympic glory nearly every day. He gets recognized, asked to sign an autograph or begged to talk about the "Miracle on Ice."

But he has been thinking that the 2014 Olympics offer America the opportunity to write a sequel to the USA's gold medal triumph in Lake Placid, N.Y.

"How cool would it be if the Americans could win the gold medal in Russia?" he said. "That would tie together 1980 and 2014, especially if the USA could meet Russia in the gold medal game."

Time will tell if either of these two teams make it to the gold medal game. But Russia and USA do meet on Saturday in what should be a great showdown.

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