January 30, 2014

Ben Scrivens Amazing Night

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Ben Scrivens stopped all 59 shots he faced in a 3-0 shutout of the San Jose Sharks on January 29th, 2014. In doing so he set a modern day record for most saves in a shutout in a regular season game.

An argument could be made that his night should rank as one of the greatest individual performances in NHL regular season history. The Sharks actually attempted 100 shots exactly. 22 shots were blocked and the other 19 missed the night.

The previous record for most saves in a regulation shutout was set back in 2008 when Florida's Craig Anderson stopped 53 shots to defeat the New York Islanders 1-0.

Interestingly, Anderson was an unproven entity back then but, after a long wait, finally got a chance to prove himself as one of the best in the game. Scrivens has bounced around quite a bit as he has tried to find his way in the NHL. Perhaps he will follow Anderson's path


Chazac said...

I will have to watch a replay of Scrivens game but I can tell you this: I've never seen a more spectacular game by a goalie that Ron Tugnut's 70 for 73 save performance against the Boston Bruins !!! He also had a Playoff game (i think in the late 90's)where he saved 71 of 73 shots ! When he was hot - he was SMOKIN' HOT.

Ashman said...

I'm a huge Oilers fan. We need everything we can get these days. I'm still in shock about this whole thing. That game was nothing short of exhilirating. It's been since the '06 playoffs since I've felt anything remotely close to this one. TSN panel's exact words: "The greatest goaltending performance in the ENTIRE expansion era NHL. Wow.
We FINALLY have our goalie.

Dan said...

If I remember correctly Andersen had back to back 50+ save shutouts; including the record setter.

Joe Pelletier said...

Anderson had 53 one night, then 40 the following game.