December 30, 2013

Top Ten Detroit Red Wings of All Time

Yesterday we looked at the top ten Toronto Maple Leafs of all time. Today, let's look at the top ten Detroit Red Wings.

10. Alex Delvecchio (C) - Greatness Overshadowed

9. Sid Abel (C) - All About Production

8. Pavel Datsyuk (C) - Dats Incredible!

7.  Sergei Fedorov (C) - Larger Than Life

6.  Red Kelly (D) - Superstar at two positions

5.  Terry Sawchuk (G) - Perfect Goalie, Imperfect World

4.  Ted Lindsay (LW) - Anything but terrible

3.  Nicklas Lidstrom (D) - Ageless Wonder

2.  Steve Yzerman (C) - Stevie Wonder did it all

1.  Gordie Howe (RW) - Mr. Hockey. Mr. Red Wings.

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