December 07, 2013

King Clancy vs. Eddie Shore

King Clancy and Eddie Shore were two of hockey's earliest hockey rearguard superstars. For a variety of reasons they are certainly the two early day defensemen to transcend the game and remain recognizable to this day.

Shore, of course, was a real ruffian in addition to a superstar player. He liked to mix it up and rarely lost a fight.

The diminutive Clancy was every bit as good a player as Shore, and he was every bit as game in the rough stuff department. The difference was Clancy, for all his piss and vinegar, was said to have never won a fight.

Except one, according to legend. And of all people Clancy supposedly beat up, it was Eddie Shore.

The story has it Shore somehow fell to his knees when Clancy landed a KO punch. Shore staggered to his feet and shouted "I'd like to see you do that again!" Clancy replied "Sure thing, Eddie. Get back down on your hands and knees!"

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