December 18, 2014

Hockey Christmas Villages Gone Crazy

Christmas time is here. Time for decorations and cheer. (You have to rhyme this time of year). One of my favorite decorations is my Christmas village, which I constantly re-imagine and add to annually. 

But my Christmas village pales in comparison to that of artist Diana Thorneycraft.

Now that is an idyllic and interactive Christmas village. But by Thorneycraft's standards, that is about as normal as she gets.

For example, Thorneycraft expresses her wild side in her own take on the Battle of Alberta.

Don't worry Flames fans. Thorneycraft strikes back at the Oilers by feeding Wayne Gretzky to a pack of wild lions and tigers at Peyto Lake, near Banff, Alberta, of all places.

Be sure to check out Diana Thorneycraft's portfolio some fascinating model art including many more hockey pieces.

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