October 14, 2013

The Best News Andy Bathgate Ever Heard

When Andy Bathgate was just nine years old, he lost a tooth, cracked another and bloodied his home made jersey so bad that he was certain his mother would forbid from playing hockey ever again.

Andy probably didn't care about the teeth or sweater too much, but the thought of never playing hockey again terrified the young lad.

Much to his surprise, when he made it home his mother calmly cleaned up the blood. No scolding, no threats about never playing again.

Then she took him to the dentist.

"I'll never forget the words as he greeted me," recalled Bathgate. " 'Andy,' the dentist said, just remember you'll never be a hockey player if you've got all your teeth. And, son, it looks to me like you're going to be a hockey player!"

A NHL team should have signed up that dentist as a scout, because he was right. Andy Bathgate would become a hockey player. And a Stanley Cup champion. A Hockey Hall of Famer. A Hart Trophy winner.

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