October 09, 2013

Terry O'Reilly Attacked Superfan Krazy George

In the 1970s the Big Bad Boston Bruins were tough. Real tough. And no one was tougher than Terry O'Reilly. He'd take on anyone in the whole league.

Even a California cheerleader.

In 1975-76, the Bruins visited Oakland to play the California Golden Seals, now a long ago defunct team. During the game, Krazy George, the Seals' hired cheerleader, was banging his drum and taunting the Bruins with his usual antics.

But on this particular he caught Terry O'Reilly in an even more grumpier mood than usual.

Whether Krazy George called him a turkey or banged his drum too loud is unclear, but O'Reilly was upset enough with him to jab him with his stick and chase him away from the penalty box. As Krazy George states in the above video, the incident left George scarred.

The incident only helped to cement Krazy George Henderson's reputation was a superfan. He and his drum would be employed by MLB, NFL, CFL, NCAA and pro soccer leagues as well as the Colorado Rockies, Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers. In Edmonton he claims to have accidentally invented the wave.

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