October 24, 2013

Ron Flockhart: Flocky Hockey

Ron Flockhart played an exciting style of hockey. He single-handedly attempted to dance through the entire opposition. He'd often refuse to pass to open teammates, instead attempting - and sometimes succeeding - to put on the extra move on the defenseman - and then another! He could turn a goalie as white as a ghost, or turn his coach redder than a beet.

"I get so wound up, so involved in what I'm doing, so carried away that I'd rather make the extra move," explained Flockhart. "Sometimes it works, and then I want to make another one. That's when I should move the puck, after the first one. Its a lack of concentration. Uh....greed is probably a good word for it."

Early in his career, especially in Philadelphia, fans forgave Flockhart for his faults. "Flocky Hockey" was popular

Critics raved early on in his career.

"He's the most exciting player to join the National Hockey League since Wayne Gretzky" said Hockey Night In Canada broadcaster Howie Meeker.

"He reminds me of Gilbert Perreault" said Los Angeles standout defenseman Dave Lewis.

Not bad for a kid who initially didn't want to play hockey. At age three his mom forced him to play hockey. "I hated it" he remembers with a laugh. "My mom had to force me. Second year, she couldn't get me off the ice!

Flockhart was discovered early on in his career by two members of the Flyers glory year teams. Brothers Joe and Jimmy Watson, ace defensemen, returned to their small town home in remote northern British Columbia called Smithers where they held a hockey school every summer for the local kids. Ron was one of them, and even at an early age made an impression on the NHLers.

"The little bleep never passed the damn puck," was Joe Watson's first memory of Flockhart.

Here's the full Ron Flockhart biography

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