October 13, 2013

Peter Mansbridge Interviews Bobby Orr

On Thanksgiving Monday (Happy Thanksgiving, Canada) Peter Mansbridge of CBC's The National interviews none other than the great Bobby Orr. Here's a sneak peak:

Mansbridge also offers this behind the scenes look at the interview:

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ej said...

Bobby Orr was truly amazing and so polite...read that story where he helped some guy who was stuck in the bruins parking lot when Orr first got to Boston...Bobby pushed and pushed until the fellow got out, and barely mumbled his name when the guy said thanks...the guy, I don't think, knew who it was, and never expected it to be Bobby Orr! Have you done one on Bobby Hull? He was the nicest guy ever when I was a kid. We had many meals at his house, and he treated us like kings, even though we were just regular farmers! I'll never forget Hull sitting right beside my dad and me, and Joanne sitting at the far end of the table, frowning at all of us, because we all got along so well....her sitting cross armed and looking so angry, and not even talking to us, will stay in my mind forever..and he was the bad guy! Ever need anyone to take over your job, let me know, ha ha!!! Thanks, Einar ewj999@hotmail.com