October 01, 2013

Igor Romishevsky, Soviet Defenseman, Dead

The Russian media is reporting death of defenceman Igor Romishevsky at the age of 73.

Romishevsky was the Olympic champion in 1968 and 1972 and 3-time World Champion. He retired one year prior to the 1972 Summit Series.

RJ Pratt, a hockey historian with the Society For International Hockey Research, crunched some interesting numbers:

Only 6 members of that 1968 Olympic team are now still alive (Davydov, Ionov, Mayorov, Polupanov, Starshinov and Zimin). 12 have died - including 3 within the past 3 months - to continue the trend of early deaths of Russian players in comparison to their western counterparts. ‎ Even eliminating Viktor Blinov's death at age 22 in 1968 from a car accident, the other 11 members have died at an average age of 63.

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