September 29, 2013

Bobby Hull: Hockey Legend To Hockey Mortal

I absolutely love this quote. It is about Bobby Hull, but ultimately it is about every one of our favorite hockey stars.

"Bobby Hull came down from Olympus as a golden idol. He had a thick crop of a yellow hair, a handsome face, the torso of Adonis. But the years in the arena have taken pieces of him. His hair is going fast; of course, the teeth in front have been gone. The handsome face is nicked with small scars, souvenirs of hundreds of jousts with other player who never cared who he was, but only what he could do. He probably has more hockey behind him than ahead of him. When he departs the game of hockey, it will be as a mortal no one ever really wanted him to become. They'll make an idol of him once again someday, and talk of his greatness. But what they'll talk about will only be a memory."

- Jack Zanger, 1970.

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Hackenbush said...

Still a legend in Chicago and obviously loving every minute of it.