August 13, 2013

Vladimir Vikulov Passes Away At Age 67

Former Soviet national hockey team player Vladimir Vikulov passed away on Friday in Moscow. He was 67.

Vikulov played internationally in the 1960s and 1970s, often with linemates Viktor Polupanov and Anatoli Firsov, under Coach Anatoli Tarasov.

Described as "extremely skillful and creative forward" Vikulov did not join the famed CSKA hockey school until the age of 15. He made up for the late start with his extraordinary skill and in three seasons he was in the top Soviet league.

Vikulov first joined the national team at the 1966 IIHF World Championship. He helped the Soviet Union win Olympic gold in Grenoble 1968 and Sapporo 1972 as well as six IIHF World Championship titles between 1966 and 1975. He also represent his country at the 1972 Summit Series and the 1976 Canada Cup.

All told Vikulov notched 58 goals and 43 assists in 85 international matches.

Vikulov played domestically for the powerhouse CSKA Moscow from 1964 to 1979 winning 12 national championships. He ended his career with SKA Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Statistics are always hard to find in Russia during this period, but he is credited with 283 career goals in 520 games.

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