August 22, 2013

Eddie Convey

Eddie Convey was a forward born in Toronto who played three years for the NY Americans, 36 games, between 1930-33. He apparently used to be a property of Toronto, and when he was to play in a game vs his old pals in Toronto the word was that Convey needed a big game to stay in the NHL and not getting demoted.

King Clancy was so concerned about it that he prompted to conspire together with goalie Lorne Chabot and Charlie Conacher.

Clancy told the guys that if Toronto would be up by a couple of goals then they would take it easy on Convey and help him score a couple. The Leafs jumped ahead 4-0 or something in the 1st period, the lead was so good that they decided that it was enough to let Convey shine for a while. In the 2nd period Convey skated in against Conacher on the forward line, Clancy on D and Chabot in goal. Clancy shouted at Conacher "now !" and Conacher obliged by falling down to let Convey through, Convey hit the Toronto blueline, where Clancy conveniently neglected to check him, then Convey walked in on Chabot who didn't move. Convey had a clear shot at the vacant side of the net --- and drove the puck wide.

"One more chance !" Clancy yelled, and once more Convey came down the wing. Conacher faked a bodycheck and missed. Clancy stumbled and fell down. Convey swept in on a stationary Chabot, who left one side of the net invitingly open. Convey laid all the wood behind the shot that sailed into the end blue seats.

"One more time !" Clancy told his conspirators and Convey got it the next time he appeared on the ice. "Let him through !" Clancy shouted at Conacher, who let Convey skate past him, he then escaped Clancy's bogus check, and flew by Clancy and went cruising in on Chabot, who was ready to step aside and give him the whole goal to shoot at.

Chabot stepped aside and " THUMP ! " Convey hit him right in the Adam's apple with the puck. Down Chabot went, choking and gagging! Conacher then skated back to help Clancy assist the distressed Chabot. "any more of this" Chabot grumbled when he finally could speak "and that damn Convey will kill me ! "

So Clancy agreed that it was time to stop making Convey look good.

"Yeah",Conacher said, not concealing his disgust. "F--- Convey"

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Graham Clayton said...

Great story!