July 15, 2013

Ron Hextall Back To The Flyers

Somehow it just feels right now that Ron Hextall is back with the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

Hextall was arguably the last great Philadelphia goalie. When he wasn't make spectacular saves he was revolutionizing the game with his puckhandling forays and his goal scoring exploits. And let's not forget his frequent temper tantrums followed by brawling. He was one of hockey's most entertaining goalies. Had it not been for Wayne Gretzky and the high powered Edmonton Oiler dynasty, perhaps Hextall would have led the Flyers to the Stanley Cup in 1987.

Since then he has become one of hockey's top management prospects. Some think he is long overdue to get his own team. It looks like that team very well might be the team he is forever remembered with.

After learning some of the ropes with the Flyers as a scout and then as director of player personnel. Hextall had spent the last seven seasons in Los Angeles as assistant general manager and vice president, winning the Stanley Cup in 2011.

The Flyers have lured Hextall back with the titles of assistant general manager director of hockey operations. You have to assume he has assurances that he will become the next general manager of the Flyers, too.

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