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June 26, 2013

King Clancy's Hot Dog Stand Nearly Cost Him His Life

From the great book Rare Jewel For A King:

"In earlier summers (Clancy) ran a concession at Britannia Park, an amusement area near Ottawa. In purchasing his hot dogs, he insisted upon selecting them himself with the butcher. It was a very hot, very rainy day when he arrived at the packers, soaking wet. In they went to the cooler, and had what he thought was a little chat. When they came out his wet clothes were now literally frozen stiff. He became delirious on the drive home yet somehow made it. The result was a serious bout with pneumonia, the last rites, and finally, thanks to a new drug called penicillin, recovery. Apart from his initial attack of diabetes in 1970, that was the only serious illness he has experienced in his lifetime."

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