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June 05, 2013

Giant Slayer

Pittsburgh travels to Boston tonight for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Penguins came into the series as slight favorites with superstars like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin leading the way.

But the Bruins have refused to believe that they were the underdog. Not with the biggest man in hockey - Zdeno Chara - setting the tone. Now it is the Penguins who find themselves, almost literally, in the role of giant slayers.


Chazac said...

Joe ... your NUCKS bias is showing. The Bruins were by no means just slight underdogs in this series. The Pens were OVERWHELMING favorites ... just like the Nucks were in 2011 and the result should be the same. Calling the Bruins 'Dasterdly' in your previous article was also uncalled for. We don't employ players like Matt Cooke (Pens) or Raffi Torres (former Nucks). We have 'The little ball of hate' in Marchand but the LBOH can flat out play and Julien has him on a short leash when he starts to cross the line. Bruins style WINS in the NHL playoffs - it's that simple.

Joe Pelletier said...

Thanks Chazac . . . I needed a good laugh today.

Your Bruins bias is an interesting one - you really don't have enough confidence in your team to think that they didn't have a shot to advance vs Pittsburgh? I don't know too many people who figured Pittsburgh as an OVERWHELMING favorite even before this series.

And the Little Ball of Hate - that's a fellow named Pat Verbeek. It's a great nickname isn't it? Marchand (and others) need to earn their own nickname.

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