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June 12, 2013

Classic Espo

There was a time when Boston vs. Chicago was all about a battle of two brothers - Phil Esposito, Boston's mega-scorer, vs Tony Esposito, the shutout king in Chicago's net.

So it comes as no surprise that the brothers are in hot demand once again as these two teams faceoff for the 2013 Stanley Cup. As always, big brother Phil steals the show like only he can.

"You want to know the truth," said Esposito, the fifth-leading goal scorer in hockey history. "This series doesn't mean s*** to me.

"I have no feeling for these teams. There's nothing emotional about it. They both got rid of me, traded me. So screw them.

"I didn't choose to leave Chicago. I didn't choose to leave Boston. I signed a contract in Boston for less money than I could have gotten from going to the WHA. I could have made millions doing that. And you know how they repaid me? Three weeks later, they traded me (to the New York Rangers)."

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun has a full feature on the classic Phil vs. the classy Tony. Stick tap goes out to George Malik.

Here's more on the Esposito brothers.

1 comment:

Fully Kreusened said...

Phil is awesome! Tony is a bit more excited for the Blackhawks. So I guess Phil won't be in Chicago to hang with his brother,eh?

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