June 08, 2013

A Stanley Cup Final First

The 2013 Stanley Cup Final will feature a first in hockey history.

It is not surprising that a Boston - Los Angeles Final would be the first in NHL history. But it does come as a surprise that a Boston - Chicago Final showdown would also be a first in NHL history. After all, the Bruins date back to 1924 and the Blackhawks to 1926. Yet these two teams have never faced off for the Stanley Cup!

I believe the only other Original Six Stanley Cup final we have yet to see is Chicago vs. the New York Rangers.

The last Original Six Stanley Cup final was in 1979 when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the New York Rangers.

All of which has little to do with my chosen Bruins vs Blackhawks photo for this piece. But I love that Phil Esposito is trying to score on brother Tony Esposito while Bobby Hull and Wayne Cashman battle in front of the net.

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