April 19, 2013

Silent Jack Ulrich

This is Jack Ulrich. Ulrich was just a 19 year old kid when Frank and Lester Patrick recruited him for their upstart Pacific Coast Hockey Association. Ulrich played in Vancouver in 1911-12 and in Victoria the following two seasons.

Ulrich was deaf and mute, which led to a nickname that wouldn't be tolerated nowadays - "Dummy."  Ulrich detested the name. Not surprisingly he preferred his other commonly used nickname - Silent Jack.

By 1914 Ulrich headed east and played two seasons in the National Hockey Association. He played with both the Montreal Wanderers and Toronto Blueshirts.

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Unknown said...

I am writing a book on professional hockey in Victoria and would like to do a short feature on Silent Jack Ulrich. I would like to know where you found the photograph and if I can use it in the book.