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April 17, 2013

Oh Oh! It's Mario!

When rookie defenseman Bill Houlder broke into the NHL with the Washington Capitals, he had an early initiation to the best of the NHL. Houlder made a play against the great Mario Lemieux that, somewhat embarrassingly, made highlight reels across Canada and the United States.

"Somehow I got stuck out there against (Lemieux)," he recalled. "And he was coming down the ice one-on-one with me. I was trying to watch his chest, but I kept seeing his arms going back and forth, moving the puck down by my feet. I was thinking, 'That puck's got to be right down there.' When I finally looked down, my feet were weaving so badly that I fell flat on my backside..."

Lucky for Houlder, Lemieux did not walk in on a breakaway and score. Houlder awkwardly fell right on the puck.

Lemieux would later apologize to the freshman. "He said, 'Sorry about that, kid.' I said, 'That's all right. I don't think you'll have to worry about seeing me out here too much more tonight.'"

Here's a look at the top ten Mario Lemieux goals:

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