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April 27, 2013

Meeting Trevor Linden

It's already been five years (!) since Canucks fans had to say goodbye to Trevor Linden. On Friday night I got to say hello to him, as he is in Terrace, British Columbia as the guest speaker at a community fundraising event. The funny thing is after all these years I had no idea what I was going to say to him now that I finally had the chance!

 Here's my full Trevor Linden biography, with plenty more coverage here.

Update: I don't get to pick up my photo with Trevor Linden until sometime on Saturday, so the following photo will have to do tonight:

All in all it was a pretty surreal experience. To no surprise Linden came across as genuine, sincere, and fully engaged. I had a chance to shake his hand and, believe it or not, talk a little bit about the local running scene. As he autographed a pencil sketch of him I have I was able to thank him for 20 great years of memories, 1994 and just for being a great example for kids right across the province as well as for myself.


FrenchyNicky said...

Hi Joe,I'm not worried about what you're gonna say to Trevor if it comes from your heart.
You're standing the chance to meet your idol, so come on, enjoy this great moment at his fullest!
Have an awesome time with Captain Canuck!
See ya
Nicolas,hockey buff

Kurt Gengenbach said...

Hope it went well! Trevor is a very, very classy guy. I had the pleasure of getting to know him when I worked at the NHLPA from 96 to 2001. After the PA, I worked for a couple of charities that Trevor always said "yes" to when being asked to help out in some way. An extremely classy guy and a great role model indeed. Hope you get a photo for yourself! Take care. Kurt

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