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March 08, 2013

Women's Hockey Links of Interest

1990 Paved Way For Canadian Women's Hockey

“1990 really opened the door for many of us, but for the generation that’s playing now, it changed the game. So now, while the base is broadening and the game has reached new international levels, it hasn’t stopped growing domestically. After that tournament, girls’ hockey became the fastest-growing sport in Canada. Our history goes back to the late 1800s, but in that tournament, we really had a rebirth. It really was a turning point.” - Sue Scherer, Canadian women's team captain in 1990."

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Stanley Cup of Women's Hockey Finds Home at HHOF

Adrienne Clarkson stood before a glass case at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Thursday, smiling for a long while, proudly admiring the trophy she created in a crusade for female hockey players.

The Clarkson Cup, awarded each year to the team that wins the Canadian Women’s Hockey League championship, and widely recognized as the Stanley Cup of women’s hockey, was given a permanent home at the Hall of Fame, placed among the collection of other major hockey cups and trophies.

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