March 26, 2013

Pucks On The 'Net: Middle Class Hooligan Edition

So let me get this straight.

Bazillionaire Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins and his daddy's ultra-successful concession business, driver of the NHL lockout bus, and an apparent equine-fanatic, doesn't want "middle class hooligans" near his house.

But they're welcomed in his arena or at his concession stands, so long as they hand over their hard earned money.

Let's get back to hockey talk:

  • With his wife giving birth to their second child a week ago, Miikka Kiprusoff apparently has let it be known he will not report to any NHL team if Calgary trades him in the next week. I guess that makes the New York Islanders the favorites to land Kipper?
  • I have so much respect for Jarome Iginla. But I don't want to see him in Boston jersey. Or a Blackhawks jersey. I was okay with the idea of reuniting him with Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh. I don't know if the Pens are likely to go that route now that they landed a similar veteran in Brenden Morrow. 
  • I actually hate trade deadline week. I find teams overpay foolishly, only outdoing themselves come free agency day. If I'm a GM of all but the very top contenders, I would "sell" at the trade deadline. There is no better time to flip assets. Teams like San Jose and Vancouver would be well advised to maybe sell a Mason Raymond or a Ryane Clowe to restock the system. Don't give up on this season by any means, but do yourself a long term favor.
  • Is Roberto Luongo ever going to get moved in Vancouver? Not likely until the summer. If I'm the Canucks owner, I have to wonder about how Gillis has handled his goalie glut in recent years. He hung on to Cory Schneider forever. You can easily defend that as the right move though Gillis certainly could have cashed in on him in the past to strengthen the line-up. Now that the team has decided to move Luongo, supposedly, he has hung on too long, again. He keeps hoping to hit a home run but that pitch has yet to come. Are the Canucks really going to go into the playoffs with huge holes at center ice and a $5 million goalie on the bench?
  • There is a real chance that all four Eastern Conference Canadian teams could make the playoffs. Montreal, Toronto and injury plagued Ottawa look good, while Winnipeg is in the mix for eighth. I don't think too many pre-season prognosticators predicted that.
  • Meanwhile it is another tough year in Edmonton. How much longer can Steve Tambellini keep his job? Not that it really matters - I've long said Kevin Lowe is the problem in that front office.
  • Wayne Fleming passed away on Tuesday, dying of cancer at the age of 62. He was truly devoted to the game, and a real under-appreciated key to Canada's international successes in recent years. 
  • Down Goes Brown has long been the best hockey humour site on the internet (and beyond). Sean McIndoe does not get enough credit for his hockey history content mixed in there. He really knows his stuff.
  • How about Mr. T scoring from center ice at the Blackhawks game on Tuesday night! 

Nice sweat pants, Mr. T. Don't show up in Jeremy Jacobs' neighborhood though, foo!

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