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March 16, 2013

Millionaires vs Cougars Tonight

It has been about 90 years since the last time the Vancouver Millionaires played the Victoria Cougars.

That changes tonight. Well, sort of, anyway.

The Vancouver Canucks host the Detroit Red Wings in the second half of the Hockey Night In Canada double-header. But if you tune in to the broadcast, you might wonder who is playing.

The Canucks will be debuting their special Vancouver Millionaires jerseys tonight. The Millionaires were Vancouver's original big league hockey team, winning the Stanley Cup in 1915. (The stylized jersey replicas look fantastic, by the way, though no one is too excited about the tan colored pants.)

It may be merely coincidental, but it is fitting that the Canucks chose to wear these jerseys against the Detroit Red Wings. You see, the Red Wings franchise was once the arch rival of the Millionaires. Only back then, the team was known as the Cougars. Oh - and they played in Victoria, British Columbia's capital city.

Victoria - the last non-NHL team to win the Stanley Cup (1925) - was purchased by NHL interests in Detroit in 1927. The players moved east, leaving big league hockey from Vancouver Island forever. Detroit would originally keep the name Cougars before briefly changing their name to Falcons and later settling on Red Wings.

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