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February 04, 2013

Les Trois Denis

Denis Savard, Denis Cyr and Denis Tremblay played on a line together with the Montreal Juniors in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. "Les Trois Denis" played together from youth hockey in Verdun, Quebec. They all lived just down the street from each other and were the best of friends. Even more amazing, all three were born on February 4th, 1961! What a crazy coincidence!

The trio scored 665 points from 1977 through 1979 in the "Q." Tremblay would be traded in 1980, ending the once-in-a-lifetime union. Savard and Cyr would continue to dominate the QMJHL, setting personal records without their friend by their side.

Savard, drafted 3rd overall in 1980, went on to become a Hockey Hall of Famer and Stanley Cup champion. He scored 539 career goals and 1,513 points in 1,365 regular season and playoff games combined. He also won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1993.

Cyr was drafted 13th overall also in 1980. He only played 193 games in the NHL, split with Calgary, Chicago and St. Louis. He scored 41 goals and totalled 84 points.

Tremblay was never drafted by the NHL and he never pursued professional hockey. He became a letter carrier for Canada Post.


Sam said...

That's really great never know that :P

Anonymous said...

I watched a documentary yesterday about Les Trois Denis, with the last segment focusing on Tremblay's failed attempts at joining the NHL. Apparently, he was given a tryout by the Boston Bruins and impressed fellow QC player Ray Bourque and GM Harry Sinden, but was still sent down to the minor leagues, where the coach had a bad history with Tremblay, which abruptly ended his NHL career. Long story short, he did pursue a NHL career, but bad decisions he made as a youth preceded him and ruined things for him. He seemed somewhat resentful about his 2 friends making it, while he ended up flipping burgers, for a time.

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