February 21, 2013

Get To Know A Hall of Famer: Harry "Flip" Trihey

This man with the full head of hair is none other than Harry "Flip" Trihey, Hockey Hall of Famer and two time Stanley Cup champion.

Trihey captained the Montreal Shamrocks to Stanley Cup titles in 1899 and 1900. Trihey, who regularly played with Art Farrel and Fred Scanlan, was said to be the offensive leader of the team. He was said to have been blessed with above average anticipation and an excellent shot.

Trihey's career was very short - just 3 professional seasons where he scored 46 goals in 21 games. His most famous game would have come on February 4th, 1899 when he scored 10 goals against Quebec.

Trihey retired to practice law in Montreal and later established the 199th Battlion of the Duchess of Connaught's own Irish Canadian Rangers, a wordy group of brave Canadians who fought overseas in World War I.

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